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Garage Cabinets


At We Organize-U there is a difference between our cabinets and most garage cabinets found in the market today. We understand that if our customers were satisfied with just some way to store items in their garage they have many choices and investing in custom cabinets would be at the bottom of the list.

We do not make cabinets for those looking just for storage. Our cabinets are made for the discerning client that wants their items behind doors and a quality look with the home.



Garage Cabinets

Summer Flame with Continuous Handles

Our Cabinets Have Stiffeners On All Shelves

Silver Frost Garage Cabinets

Gray Garage Cabinets with Workbench

White 7 foot Tall with workbench and overheads

Almond with Continuous Handles

We can make cabinets to fit under windows

Cabinet with Peg Board

Candlelight workbench and overheads

Candlelight Cabinets

White Cabinets

Garage Cabinets with Closet Rods


Available Colors

Almond                            Candlelight               Chocolate Pear


Hardrock Maple             Silver Frost                     Summerflame

and of course- White

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Garage Cabinets by We Organize-U Features

3/4 Thermofused Melamine : provides a finished surface inside and out plus giving the homeowner the ability to clean with a damp rag unlike paper surfaces that are glued on

Dadoe Joint Construction : Not a weak butt joint that is nailed or screwed together

Full Backs : Our cabinet backs are dadoed into the cabinet sides providing rigidity to the cabinet

Built Off The Floor : Using cabinet leveler legs we can adjust for the slope of the garage floor and provide protection from insect occupancy while providing an easy to clean area with a simple blowing , the legs are rated at 450 lbs each

Shelf Stiffeners : Our 3/4″ thick shelves have 2″ stiffeners added to the back of the shelf and a corrugated matte aluminum stiffener on the front of the shelf. Stronger than a 1″ shelf and a lot easier for the homeowner to move

Gusset Style Shelf Supports :  The triangular shaped support provides a larger surface area for the shelf to fit onto and provides screw hole areas to join the shelf and cabinet together providing a more stable cabinet yet allows for adjust ability within the cabinet

Concealed Hinges : Modern style concealed hinges unlike the dated hinges found on cheaper cabinets

Metal Handles : Our garage cabinets come with 4 inch black u shaped metal handles not plastic like on others

No Screech, No Wicking : The most heard comment about large heavy cabinets hung off the wall is the screech heard prior to the cabinet coming off the wall. This screech is the sound of the screws pulling out of the wall stud. We have lifted cabinets built like this off of cars and trucks because accidents like this always seem to happen at the wrong time such as when your car is parked in the garage. With legs supporting our cabinets we have structure stability all the way to the floor. Water heaters are most often located inside of the garage and they will only leak when no one is home, but with our legs the water has to be 4 inches deep or more to reach the cabinets. We will talk about rain and snow coming off your car at another time


Continuous Handles : Matte aluminum handles attach to and run the entire length of the cabinet door or drawer providing easier access with a distinguished look

Closet Rods : Our cabinets can be used as closets by adding our tubular closet rods inside great for seasonal or overflow clothing

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