Garage Cabinets Prescott

Garage cabinets in Prescott Arizona by We Organize-U are custom made to your garage from quality thermofused industrial grade melamine.

Prescott presents unique factors that affect how garage cabinets should be made. One factor is the changing of seasons from hot to cold weather. This fluctuation of temperature will make the wood expand and contract which will eventually loosen and bonding agent such as glue.This is why We Organize-U only uses thermofused melamine which is a baked on product and is not subject to temperature changes.

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 Garages with small windows can easily be worked around with our custom made garage storage cabinets

 8ft tall cabinets provide ample storage 7ft tall cabinets tuck under the garage door

 7ft tall garage cabinet with workbench storage cabinets Rear cabinets are 8ft tall

 8ft tall 8ft wide garage cabinets on either side of the window

Garage cabinets Prescott Valley AZ 7ft tall candlelight garage cabinets with 4ft wide workbench area

 7ft tall almond cabinets and workbench with continuous handles

 Almond cabinets with continuous handles

Summerflame Garage cabinets by We Organize-U 8ft tall Summerflame cabinets with continuous handles

Package examples (click on image for larger picture)

   16ft garage cabinets


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